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Volume 11, Number 5, October 2020, pages 342-347

Catheter Reprocessing for Coronary Angiography: It is Not Safe


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Magnifying glass ZEISS® Objective Plane S-1.0X FWD-81MM.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Dents and deformations after first reprocessing: (a) Distal; (b) Middle; (c) Proximal.
Figure 3.
Figure 3. Appearance of two colors and deformations after second reprocessing: (a) Distal; (b) Middle.
Figure 4.
Figure 4. Sharp folds, color changes and visualization of the interlaced mesh of stainless-steel wires after third reprocessing: (a) Distal; (b) Middle; (c) Proximal.
Figure 5.
Figure 5. Changes on thermal characteristics. (a) Thermogravimetric curves; (b) Derivative of the thermogravimetric curves.


Table 1. Stages of Mass Lost According to Thermogravimetric Analysis
SamplesFirst (°C)Second (°C)Third (°C)Residual mass (%)
T (I)T (F)T (I)T (F)T (I)T (F)
T: temperature; I: initial; F: final.
1st reprocessing23035037651752366660
2en reprocessing23336536751351967958
3rd reprocessing23235736850551968059
7th reprocessing22836737450751