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Volume 10, Number 5, October 2019, pages 285-292

Characteristics and Prevalence of Premature Ventricular Complex: A Telemedicine Study


Figure 1.
Figure 1. The flow of data retrieval.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. PVC prevalence in the population of Makassar City.


Table 1. Characteristics of the Population With a Description of PVC
Age category
  17-25 years55.1
  26-45 years3232.7
  46-65 years5051.0
  >65 years1111.2
ECG examination
  Basic rhythm
    Sinus rhythm8882.4
    Sinus bradycardia33.1
    Sinus tachycardia44.1
    Atrial fibrillation33.1
  Suggestive ECG ischemia/infarct pathological Q
    Anteroseptal OMI11.0
    Inferior OMI44.1
  ST segment
    ST depression11.0
    Early repolarization44.1
  Morphology of T waves
  Ventricular hypertrophy
  Left ventricular hypertrophy
  Right ventricular hypertrophy
  QTc interval
  Repetitive PVC
  Lown’s classification
    Grade 1 or 28990.8
    Grade 344.1
    Grade 433.1
    Grade 522.0
  Axis PVC
  QRS PVC duration
    < 140 ms4545.9
    140 - 159 ms3131.6
    ≥ 160 ms2222.4
  Coupling interval
    < 300 ms22.0
    300 - 500 ms8687.8
    ≥ 600 ms1010.2
  Morphology of PVC in lead V1


Table 2. Distribution of PVC Prevalence Based on QRS PVC Duration
VariableQRS PVC durationP value
< 140 ms140 - 159 ms≥ 160 ms
Age category (year)
  17-25 years1.
  26-45 years13.315.34.1
  46-65 years21.014.015.0
  >65 years10.20.01.0


Table 3. PVC Prevalence Distribution Based on PVC Interval Coupling
VariableCoupling interval PVCP value
< 300 ms300 - 599 ms≥ 600 ms
Age category (year)
  17-25 years0.
  26-45 years1.027.64.1
  46-65 years1.044.95.0
  >65 years0.011.00.0


Table 4. PVC Prevalence Distribution Based on Morphology PVC in Lead 1
VariableMorphology of PVC in lead 1P value
Age category (year)
  17-25 years0.01000.020
  26-45 years12.587.5
  46-65 years24.076.0
  >65 years54.545.5